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Own your time and own your life. Life is for the taking - that's why so many people are transitioning away from the traditional 9 to 5. There’s an entrepreneur living inside of all of us. Act on your entrepreneurial spirit by enrolling in the Blessed To Sell Amazon masterclass. Entrepreneurship means living freely, on your terms, with the ability to travel often and set your own schedule. This is what I call the WFA (Work From Anywhere) lifestyle and it's the lifestyle I've personally adopted.

After discovering and growing in the eCommerce and Amazon space...
my life changed forever.

The number of sales opportunities are growing rapidly. In 2021, sales through third-party sellers increased by more than 30% over the previous year. And those numbers continue to grow each year as more and more shoppers turn to Amazon for their shopping needs.

It's your turn to earn a piece of the pie!

You can reach new customers in 2023 without having to spend money on advertising or marketing campaigns... There are millions of customers who are ready to purchase the products that you sell!

Needless to say, I am a BIG believer in mentorship. There is NO NEED to reinvent the wheel... I’m NOT going to waste ANY of your time. Nor will I bore you with some really long story. We’re all busy. And I want to respect your time -- which is why we created the most STRAIGHT-FORWARD Amazon Masterclass in the first place! 🚀

One of the key benefits of this mentorship and Masterclass training course is the opportunity it provides for learning from someone who has already navigated similar challenges and achieved success. A mentor can provide guidance and support, as well as share their own knowledge and expertise, which can help mentees avoid common pitfalls and accelerate their learning. Mentorship can also provide a sense of accountability, as mentees are more likely to follow through on their goals and commitments when they have someone to answer to.

Mentorship can also help build a sense of community and connection. Mentors can provide a supportive and collaborative environment for mentees to share ideas and seek feedback, which can be especially valuable for those who are new to a particular field or working in a challenging environment.

Overall, mentorship and specialized training courses like this are important factors in success because they provide a structured and supportive environment for learning, growth, and development. By leveraging the knowledge and experience of a mentor like myself, mentees can potentially cut time off their learning curve and achieve their goals more quickly and effectively.

This is precisely my goal for you enrolling in this course.

Visualize setting your own schedule and working the hours that you choose. Wake up whenever you want. Work for as long as you want, setting your own hours. No commute, work from anywhere. This is what is possible successfully selling on the Amazon marketplace and building an Amazon business.

BUT -- it doesn't happen overnight. It's important for any students enrolling in this Masterclass to understand great things take time and consistency, and online businesses are no different. However, by sharing my knowledge and experience with you, the learning curve will be shortened.

  • Low Startup Cost: To be safe, I recommend having $5,000 in startup capital. This is actually an extremely low initial startup cost for starting ANY business.
  • High Demand: There are hundreds of millions of shoppers on Amazon annually, purchasing items from hundreds of thousands of Amazon sellers. The traffic keeps increasing year after year.
  • The Money Is There: In 2021, Amazon sales topped over $468 billion. Yes, that's correct, $468,000,000... And sales volume is only expected to grow. It's time to earn your piece of that pie.
  • Work From Anywhere: Implementing what you learn in this Masterclass will allow you a WFA business and potentially a WFA lifestyle!
  • COVID-19 Boom: During the pandemic, nearly all industries took a MAJOR hit. E-commerce has actually been one of the ONLY industries set to grow in 2020 and exponentially. My sales in 2020 and 2021 personally DOUBLED partly due to more people staying home and shopping online!

Take advantage of this colossal market and its extremely loyal customers. Anyone can become an Amazon seller in 2023 and the time is now.

Learn From The Best, and You Will Achieve the Best!

So... I'm sure you want to hear a little more about me. My name is Katie Melissa and I have been heavily involved in the e-commerce space over the last 6+ years. I have developed my own methods and adapted to Amazon's changes so I know exactly what to look out for and what you need to do to succeed and start making sales quickly. I was mentored by several of the heaviest hitters in the Amazon space and have learned the ropes through experience over the years.

My first year selling on Amazon was a six-figure year, however 2017 blew my mind when my store ended up generating 6 figures revenue in a MONTH, yes a month. I vividly remember my first $120k month in 4th quarter of 2017. My family and friends starting noticing and many wanted to get into e-commerce.

Fast forward to 2023 and $250k+ months are common on my primary store (check out my daily Instagram results on my stories and highlights!)

In THIS exclusive Amazon Masterclass, I provide the best methods to creating success on Amazon (We cover drop shipping, wholesale, FBA, RA, private label and digital marketing techniques). I have 600+ incredible students who have learned the proper ways of selling on Amazon. The majority of them start seeing sales within 1 month of finishing the Masterclass. Many go on to make thousands of dollars per month.

Blessed To Sell covers everything you need to know about Amazon selling in the most straight-forward way possible. It's a two-way street, however. What I mean is I can lead a horse to water but I can't make it drink. The majority of the work will come from YOU. You have to believe in yourself, put in the effort, and take training seriously. Be consistent day in and day out. Take massive action. Follow the step-by-step training, and know that I am here to help.

With that being said, I am LIMITING my Masterclass to 10 dedicated students per month.

Take a peek inside the Amazon Blessed To Sell course...


- Selling on Amazon from A to Z

- Business Licenses

- Sales Tax

- Mindset & Psychology

- Work From Anywhere (WFA) business mindset

- How to start your Amazon business

- Proper Amazon settings

- Shipping

- Tax Settings

- Keeping good metrics and maintaining a healthy account

- Breakdown of all Amazon metrics

- Finding items: extensive product research. Watch me find and list profitable items!

- Competitor analysis (spying on your competitors)

- Properly listing items: listing settings and appearance

- How to use specific extensions, programs, and softwares

- Customer service + custom message templates created by Katie Melissa

- Automation through hiring specialized assistants

- The power of networking

- Trials and screening assistants

- Profit margins

- Scaling your Amazon business

- Getting paid quickly (daily withdrawals to your bank account!)

- Piggyback method

- Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon)

- Creating a shipment to Amazon's warehouse

- Creating a skeleton listing

- Retail Arbitrage and reverse engineering product research

- Amazon PPC advertising strategy

- Private Labeling products

- Private Label product research & the process

- Wholesale Drop-ship & wholesale distributors

- Expanding your brand beyond Amazon

- Tasks to assign your virtual assistant

- Creative traffic hacks to drive traffic to your listing

- Digital marketing 101: Facebook ads for beginners

- Audiences & Targeting

- Dealing with suspensions & other obstacles

- Selling your store, website, or online business

- Valuations for e-commerce stores

- Helpful legal resources

- Corresponding notes & files written by Katie Melissa & Partners

- Ability to ask questions on weekdays

- Amazon Success Case Studies

- Beneficial outside resources only available to BTS students

- Updated files in our private BTS Facebook group

- 7 e-commerce and marketing experts to answer your questions

- Affiliate program: opportunity to make 10%+ commissions by referring friends, family, or acquaintances to this EXCLUSIVE Masterclass...

... and so much more!

As of January, 2021, 16.7% of Amazon sellers generated over a million dollars, while 39.6% of sellers generated between $100k and $1M! These statistics have only INCREASED over the years.

There's no excuse you can't start making 5 to 6 figures a year selling on Amazon with proper instruction, time, effort, and mindset. Remove the learning curve completely by joining the Blessed To Sell Masterclass.

See for yourself...


Don't Just Take My Word For It...

"I have sold 3 of my new items today and already have another 2 pending orders! This is awesome!!!"

- Kenny Malizia, Student

"Just hit a new milestone on Amazon. I had my first $2k+ day thanks to Katie Melissa's training!"

- Americo Vargas, Student

"I am so happy! Tomorrow is another day of listing! This was really fast. To be honest I didn't expect to make sales this fast. I listed not that many items and I was only listing for 4 days so far, but you were right about everything! I'm so glad I chose you as my mentor."

- David Tristan, Student

"Thank you so much Katie. Your course literally changed my life. This morning I wake up to more money made in one day than I'd make in a wek at my job." -- Shan Abbas, Student

"Working my way to financial freedom... in my pajamas!" -- Suzana Horia, Student

"Just wanted to say awesome course! I learned so much within the first day and can't wait to put everything I learned into action. Thank you!" -- Bryson Hill, Student

"We are doing everything our awesome coach told us to do. We set our goals and stick to them. The funniest part is all of this is basically being built on a stay-at-home mom. Freaking amazing." -- Mike & Micaila, Students

"Hey Katie, I just want to thank you for all you do. I opened my store about a week ago and already have just over $3500 in sales. During my freshman year of college, I worked at a bank 15 hours a week and made a combined monthly income of $4,000. I'm on the road to quadruple my monthly income if I continue to follow the strategies in your training. Thank you!" -- Mahmoud Darwish, Student

And Not To Worry...

If you complete less than 30% of the Masterclass training course AND only 14 days have passed, you are eligible for a full refund. Your satisfaction is IMPORTANT to us and our operating principles!

Keep scrolling down to view the *NEWLY UPDATED* 2023 Course Curriculum...

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Amazon Masterclass Curriculum

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  Confidentiality (Non Disclosure)
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  BTS | PART 1 - Success Mindset & Amazon Setup
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  BTS | PART 2 - DROPSHIPPING, Buy Box & Inventory Management
Available in days
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  BTS | PART 3 - Wholesale, Distributors, Skeleton Listings & Traffic Hacks
Available in days
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  BTS | PART 4 - FBA, Private Label & Product Research
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  BTS | PART 5
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  BTS | PART 6
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  *BONUS: FREE Value*
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  AFFILIATE Opportunity
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  Keynote Presentation
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  Done-For-You Automation Offer
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